God was in this place…

30 06 2008

As I make the move from my previous blog to this one, I’ll be bringing over a few older posts (mostly for my own sake). I want to keep all of my thoughts on Lawrence Kushner’s “God was in this Place & I, i did not know” in one place… though as of right now there have only been two. Hopefully that will change now.

The book is about Genesis 28:10-16… where Jacob has a dream about a ladder/stairway that reaches to heaven and there are angels ascending and descending on it. When he wakes up, he declares, “Surely God was in this place and I, I did not know!” (Thus the title of the book). The seven chapters of the book explore different interpretations (from various teachers, Rabbis, and traditions) of the meaning of Jacob’s words.

I will try to post some thoughts and summaries from each chapter as I move along (slowly).




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