Delicious Library 2

3 07 2008

Just discovered this extremely cool tool for creating a library/cataloging all sorts of stuff on your Mac. Check out Delicious Library 2 from Delicious Monster.

If you’ve got an iSight webcam or a barcode scanner, you just hold the barcode of an item up to it, and it will place it on a shelf in your virtual library (you can also type it in on your keyboard). It could be a helpful way to keep track of all your CDs, DVDs, books, tools, …just about anything. (Could be nice for insurance purposes in case you get robbed… cause you’ve got everything right there [it also includes item values apparently]).

There’s also a feature that allows you to keep track of items that you loan out to people, and will place an reminder in your iCal (calendar) when it is due.

Looks like some really cool stuff. …and the price isn’t too bad either ($40). Unfortunately my operating system is too old (and I don’t have a camera or barcode scanner).




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