Fall Quarter Begins

28 09 2008

The fall quarter is finally about to begin here at Fuller.  The last several weeks have been relaxing and it has been fun to hang out with my roommates a bit, but I’m ready for classes to begin.  …that is, after all, why I am here.  (Though yes, part of the importance of grad school is also making connections, not just academics – which, thankfully, professors have mentioned).

I’ve decided that I really do like Fuller.  There seems to be a good balance all around… academics are important, but not everything… not conservative, but not liberal… there is good diversity in the student population (at least as far as ethnicity goes… economically might be another story).

I’m really excited about all of my classes this quarter, and have heard good things about all of my professors.  I’ll be taking… Beginning Greek (Kiefer), New Testament 2:Acts-Revelation (Beaton), and Church in Mission (Bolger).  The Church in Mission class should be even more interesting because it looks like we’ll be doing a bit with technology… creating and maintaining a Wiki page, making youtube videos, etc.

This past week was Orientation/Welcome Week.  I was able to meet a bunch of interesting folks and hear some great stories.  I think that’s what I appreciated most about these interactions… just seeing how everybody has a different story, and to see what those stories are.

So, in less than 2 days from right now classes will begin… and I’m excited.  (Though probably not nervous enough! …cause I’m not nervous at all).  I’m looking forward to being back in an academic atmosphere.  Hopefully that will help to get me blogging more often.  So, if you’re still reading… sorry for the lack of writing… but stick with me.

…and if you have a blog, be sure to write something soon.  🙂




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