Churches, Cynicism, and Redemption

5 10 2008

Since arriving in Pasadena a number of weeks ago, I’ve been checking out a bunch of different churches.  It’s been a long time since I’ve been able to do that… either because I was committed to one because of work, or because I was committed to one because of school requirements.  It’s nice to have the freedom to go somewhere new each week… a Methodist church; a Presbyterian church; an Episcopal church… an established church; a new church plant… a church with a lot of liturgy; a church with no liturgy.  It’s nice to have this freedom.

But I’m also looking for a church to call home for the next 3 years.  Somewhere to serve, to celebrate, to mourn, to ask questions, to be inspired, to learn…

I haven’t found that place yet, even though I’ve been to a number of great churches.

I’m discovering that the problem might not be with the churches… but with me.  I’m finding more and more just how cynical and critical I am toward churches.  I can easily point out things that are wrong with churches… things they should or shouldn’t be doing… or things they should be doing better or differently.

…and it’s not healthy.
…and it’s not good.
…and it’s making me tired.

I believe that these issues point to something much deeper.  …to something that is good… but has just gotten a bit messed up (as life tends to do that to things).  I believe these feelings come to the surface most often when I’m in churches because that’s when they call out the loudest… hoping to be redeemed.




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