The beautiful people of Pasadena, and self-reflection

17 11 2008

I try to walk around Pasadena several nights a week. …not with a specific destination in mind, but simply to take in the city and the people. There are a number of homeless people that I see regularly, but sadly have yet to talk with. …there’s the lady that sleeps outside the post office every night. …and the guy that a couple of weeks ago all of a sudden had a dog. …and the guy that’s always at Starbucks getting a free water and working on some sort of creative project.

When I look at their faces and in their eyes, they always seem to be the most peaceful and beautiful people I encounter. I wonder if they know a secret.

Anyway, tonight as I was walking through the city some questions popped into my head. They are questions I’ve heard many times before… from a pastor in a sermon, in Sunday school, in a small group/Bible study. But I realized, the questions don’t really make sense – they don’t have any depth – until you are ready to ask them yourself. …until they actually mean something to you.

The questions? Nothing profound: What are the things you’re anxious about? What are the things you fear? What are the things that are keeping you from being content? …or… What are the things you need in order to be content? …and what would it look like to let go of those things? (Or at least loosen your grip on those things).

The answers were things I already knew… but I think it was a bit freeing to admit to myself. Of course, that doesn’t necessarily mean I’ll be able to let go of them. But at least I know what I’m holding onto; that’s a start.

It’s been a while since I’ve had any serious self-reflection. …and I’m remembering how good it is.




One response

18 11 2008

thanks for this! i’m jealous of people like you who actually get up and go for a walk just to walk. I’m way to structured of a person to do something like that. I guess I’m learning that about myself. So maybe that’s some of my serious self-reflection

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