Worship Involves the Body

25 01 2009

Tried to post this yesterday, but our internet was down all day.  (What did we ever do when we didn’t have the internet?)

One of the classes I’m taking this quarter is “Old Testament: Writings.” Each week we take a look at one or two of the books that falls under this category… and each week, among other questions, we ask “What does this book teach us about worship?” It has been interesting looking at books and stories like Esther and Ruth and Nehemiah from this perspective… always asking, “ok, what does this teach me about worship?”

This past week we started looking at some of the psalms (#95 & #100 in particular). There were a number of interesting remarks about what we can learn about worship from these psalms, but one thing my professor said really stuck out. It was something to the effect of…

According to the psalms you can’t worship or pray while sitting in a chair. …you’ve either got your hands up (as in the beginning of Psa. 95) or you’re on your knees, prostrate (as in the middle of Psa. 95). Worship involves the body, because being human involves the body.




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