A Psalm of Lament

27 01 2009

I had to write a psalm of lament for my Old Testament Writings class.  Here’s what I had to say…

A Lament of the Homeless

1Oh Lord, hear my cry!
My God, see my pain!

2For my heart is lonely
And my days are empty
3My nights are long
And my rest too short

4Will you turn your ear from my voice?
– your vision from my sight?
5Where are your chosen people?
– and their promise to care for me?

6I have no home to call my own
No place where I belong
7I sleep in the park or on the street
By the post office or the majestic church

8I’m so hungry, so thirsty
My stomach aches because it’s empty
9I’m so hungry, so thirsty
My soul longs to be known

10People walk by with their headphones
They walk by like they don’t even see me
11“Can you spare some change?” – no, of course not
“Can you spare some time?” – I wouldn’t dream it

12Don’t they see I’m just like them?
That I lived in a house and had a good job
13But now everything I own I push in a cart
All of my belongings I carry on my back

14My hope is not that I will prosper
I don’t dream of being rich or famous
15My hope is that I’ll make it ‘til tomorrow
And maybe find someone that cares

16Deliver me, oh my God!
Rescue me from this despair!
17I will remember the days of my youth
The years you were so near

18Surely the Lord has not forgotten me
Of course my God has heard my plea
19For my God is a good God
A his love endures forever




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