That exists?

26 03 2009

I was walking around a section of Pasadena this evening that I haven’t been around much.  Since we’ve moved into our new place, I’ve been trying to get to know the area.  I found a couple of things I thought were a bit odd…

1. There is restaurant (is that the right word?) called “Tastee’s Donut & Burger.”  Who ever thought of the idea of combining the two?  I wonder if you can get a burger served on a donut…

2.  “The Best Little Cat House in Pasadena.”  The name seems a bit boastful, and the idea a bit strange.  Apparently it is a “feline exclusive resort and spa”.  (For those of you that find it hard to believe, I’ve included a picture).  According to their website they have controllable web cameras so you can watch your kitty at any time.  …the website also includes soothing music with chirping birds.





One response

27 03 2009

I bet Angela from “The Office” sends her cats there when she goes on vacation…

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