A few odds and ends

17 04 2009

I realized tonight how poor I’ve been about writing on my blog… which isn’t a big deal, because I think I’ve really only got about 5 people that read along anyway.

I’ve updated my menu a bit. I’ve added a couple of icons with links on the top for my Email, Twitter, Facebook, and Delicious (bookmarking) accounts.  I also just re-created my Twitter account… though I’m not if I’ll keep it or not.  If you use Twitter, you’re more than welcome to “follow” me there.  I’ve added a small section on the menu that has my latest “Tweets.”

I’ve been thinking about creating a new blog (in addition to this one).  The idea is that the new one would have a focus/purpose (whereas this one is fairly random).  …specifically a blog/discussion/dialogue concerning the Church and what a church might be.  Not really sure what it would look like, but hopefully have a few authors, rather than just myself.  Anyone interested?




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18 04 2009


18 04 2009

lol… what does “Duh” mean? Is that an affirmative “Duh” …a negative, “You’re an idiot” kind of “Duh” …or just a random “Duh”?

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