A few links

30 05 2009

Matthew pointed out the UMC Young Clergy.  It’s encouraging to see them getting organized (at least somewhat).  I love the United Methodist Church and hope to see it continue to effectively minister/serve our neighborhoods, cities, states, countries, and world.  (On a side note, I believe ‘continuing’ to do this necessarily means some change).  Here’s a quote from the site: “The young clergy need the wisdom of those who have come before them and the older clergy need the insight, vision and energy of a group of people who might better understand the needs of this generation.”

I love this statement/question from the folks at Mars Hill (Grand Rapids, MI): “How can we communicate and live out the message of Jesus in such a way that people who have stopped listening might say, ‘tell me more’?”  …to which Ed Dobson added, “By the way, there’s a ton of people who have stopped listening.”

The Transforming Center: An organization out of Illinois that does some spiritual direction stuff.

Trent blogged about FoxTrot… a word-searching tool.  Haven’t done much with it yet, but from what I have done, it looks useful.

Finally, this is where I’ll be moving in a few months.




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