10 Thousand Doors

20 06 2009

It looks like the United Methodist Church is up to it again.  …whatever “it” is.  I’ll be honest, I can be fairly critical of the UMC… just like I can be critical of churches and pastors… just like I can be critical of myself.  Why?  Because I deeply care about these things and expect a lot from them.  (Not that being critical is helpful… though I’d like to think that for every drop of criticism I have an ocean of hope).

So what is the UMC up to?  I’m not entirely sure.  A friend told me about a commercial she saw… but I don’t have a t.v., so I don’t really know anything about that.  I did, however, stumble across 10 Thousand Doors (via UMC on Facebook).  (On a side note, the Indiana Conference UMC page is a drastic improvement over the old one).  I haven’t looked around 10 Thousand Doors much, but it looks like it has potential…

The Punchline: What if church wasn’t just a building, but thousands of doors? Each of them opening up to a different concept or experience of church – and a journey that could change our world. Would you come?

“Education is important to United Methodists, and many local churches offer reading development classes, adult literacy programs, English as Second Language classes and on-site libraries.”

“What if church came with a sippy cup and a bib?” … “There are thousands of daycare centers at United Methodist churches around the country, along with other childcare opportunities and parent support groups.”

“What if church considered ecology part of theology?”

“United Methodists care about world issues and are using their voices to create change.”

“What if church could shape world events?” … “United Methodists around the world are taking a hands-on approach to fighting diseases of poverty, including malaria, HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and water-borne illnesses.”

“What if church wasn’t just a place to go on Sunday, but helped you have a place to go on Monday?” … “In times like these, United Methodist congregations throughout the country offer hope through hands-on job training, including vocational training, resume-building, interview skills and networking opportunities.”

“Church is not just a building, but it is a place where true connections can be formed.”

“The people of the United Methodist Church are actively engaged in the world around us, and we believe in making the world a better place by helping those in need.”

(…of course creating websites with inspiring thoughts and ideas is easy… it’s in the local churches where it has to flesh out… and I remain hopeful…)




2 responses

20 06 2009

As a current employee of the UMC (who grew up in another denom) I have come to appreciate the strengths of the UMC while dealing with the weaknesses (hey, we all got ’em).

1. How is the new IN UMC website better than the old one? I thought it was the 1st because IN UMC used to be two conferences…the north and the south.

-The other UMC church in town offers many reading and educ classes
-We have daycare with Christ at the focus (lessons, free Bibles, etc)
-We give over 40K to missions each year

Some good stuff…still more to go

22 06 2009

The first IN UMC website was: http://inareaumc.org/ …I suppose it was probably just a temporary, transitional site. Beyond that, it is certainly an improvement over the old NIC UMC site (I don’t know about the SIC).

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