When Strangers Become Friends

2 07 2009

Tonight I sat across the table from my friend Dianne at Starbucks.  I don’t know Dianne all that well, other than knowing she can be found outside Starbucks nearly every evening.  I’ve talked with her several times before, but never as much as we talked tonight.  Now I haven’t been to Starbucks in a few weeks, but tonight I needed a break from the library.

Approaching Starbucks I saw Dianne sitting at her normal table outside.  I walked by her, not saying hello because she was busy with something, and proceeded inside.  After ordering my drink I patiently awaited its creation (it was at the end of a long line of empty cups waiting to be filled).  As I waited I looked out the window and noticed Dianne; she looked in and saw me.  We both smiled and waved our hellos to one another through the pane of glass.

Before too long my drink was ready and the barista was calling my name.  Picking up my drink (and a napkin) and noticing no free tables inside, I proceeded outside – where there were also no free tables.  I decided I’d head over to campus and read there for a bit.  I walked toward Dianne (as that was in the direction of campus) and said hello.  She greeted me with a warm hello and invited me to join her at her table.

As I mentione, I’ve talked with Dianne several times before.  There are a few things that occur every time we talk: 1) she forgets my name and apologizes several times, 2) she confuses me with another friend of hers (whose name she also forgets), and 3) she tells me about some of her dear friends who are professors and students at Fuller.  Tonight was no different.

Once we got the usual conversation out of the way she proceeded to tell me a number of stories about herself.  Stories about ex-husbands who are professional wrestlers; stories about friends who are famous actors; stories about cancer being cure; stories about love; stories about Bonanza and Little House on the Prairie.  I don’t know how accurate her stories are, but they are quite wonderful.  In a way they remind me of the movie Big Fish… and I don’t care how factual her stories are, because they are beautiful and true.

We talked for probably an hour and a half, and then I needed to get going.  I thanked her for inviting me to sit and chat for a while, and as always she encouraged me – telling me that I was smart and handsome, and that she could tell I was going to be a good pastor.  She also told me to tell my parents that my friend Dianne said hello (even though they’ve never met).  And she made me promise I’d let her know when I was back in Pasadena from Indiana.  I promised I would.

Now I needed to get a bunch of reading for class done tonight, but who is going to turn down an opportunity for conversation? (Not me).  As far as I’m concerned this was the best hour and a half I’ve spent in the last few weeks.  I am thankful for the little things in life, like conversations with friends who were once strangers.




2 responses

6 08 2009


I’m glad to have stumbled upon your blog.

I really liked this:

“… and I don’t care how factual her stories are, because they are beautiful and true.”


7 08 2009


I’m glad you stumbled upon my blog as well. …and I appreciate your willingness to read through all the typos! 🙂 (Which is embarrassing, because I hate typos).

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