Creating Drama in Church – the good kind.

12 08 2009

What if a church/community created a drama that followed the “Biblical Story”?  A drama that starts in Genesis 1 & 2 and ends in Revelation 21 & 22.  For example, something that follows N.T. Wright’s five-act model: 1. Creation, 2. Fall, 3. Israel, 4. Jesus, 5. New Testment and onward.  (I don’t know who first proposed the idea, but I first encountered it through Wright – that’s why I mention him here).

That is, take each Act and ask, “What is the essence/story of this act, and how can we tell it?”

I’m not talking about a 10-minute skit on Sunday morning, but rather a 2 hour (or longer?) production.  Something that really has the ability to grab a person’s attention and to start discussion.

Is it a good idea?  How could it be done well?  What are the possible positives and negatives?  How could we encourage/facilitate discussion afterward (the next day, week, month, year)?

Surely it has been done before – does anyone know of any examples?




2 responses

12 08 2009

If it has been done before than it hasn’t been done well because we can’t remember it.

“Is this a good idea?” Who the hell knows? But there is no edit button, right? I’m brainstorming…

You should ask Peter Rollins what he thinks.

25 02 2011
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