A New Town

2 09 2009

As I write this I am sitting in a Starbucks in downtown Colorado Springs.  I arrived here on Sunday evening – at Colorado Springs, not Starbucks – after a couple of long days of driving.  Despite being 1,000 miles away, I’ve already met my first person from Indiana… an older woman from Kokomo (she noticed the Purdue University shirt I’m wearing and had to inquire).

So far Colorado Springs has been good to me.  I am living with my friends Marcus and Jessica (and their 2 great kids) who have lived here for 4 years now.  …Marcus and Jessica are amazing people.  There are many things I have already enjoyed – particularly the “Dear God’s” before supper.  The kids usually lead us in “Dear God’s” (Prayer)… they say a line, and then we repeat it.  We often pray for “the people with the sirens” and “thanks for mommy; daddy; etc.” and even “help our house.”  Brilliant stuff.

I’ve already noticed a few differences between Colorado Springs and Pasadena… the biggest being that the mountains here have snow on them, while the mountains there have fire.

Of course, the mountains in southwest Utah also have fire on them… or at least they did when I passed them on Saturday.  When I saw it from a distance I first thought it was a storm… then I hoped it was a volcano erupting… but then I realized it was a forest fire.  My drive included other interesting/fun sites – particularly some of the road signs (especially in Utah).  For example: “No Fatigued Driving“, “Eagles on Highway“, and “No Name Road Exit.”

The scenery was also quite amazing… with mountain after mountain; the landscape changing in its browns, oranges and reds; rocks of all shapes and sizes; even some jumping bighorn sheep!  I ended up spending Saturday night at the Lazy Lizard Hostel just south of Moab, UT and Arches National Park.  The hostel was pretty amazing – especially since I only paid $9.80 (after tax) for a dormitory bed.

I got up early Sunday morning to explore Arches… unfortunately my level of exhaustion was much too high to do any serious amount of hiking.  After a couple of short 1-mile hikes I gave in and left the park greatly disappointed.  There was so much to see, but too little energy.  …another time, perhaps.

So here I sit in Colorado Springs… my fourth state in four years.  I’m closer to home, but not there yet… though closer than when I started out.

Grace and Peace and Love.




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