Moses and Israel

26 10 2009

I was reading through the book of Exodus this morning when I had this thought: Does the narrative of Moses’ birth and youth [Ex 2:1-10] foreshadow the narrative of the ‘children of Israel’ (i.e., that which follows in Exodus)?

A few observations:

  • Moses was born as a foreigner in a hostile/oppressive environment (Egypt).  The children of Israel were also ‘born’ as foreigners in that same environment.  (Though the ‘children of Israel’ technically started with the sons of Jacob, the community didn’t really start to develop and grow until they were in Egypt)
  • Moses was seen and heard crying by Pharaoh’s daughter, and she had pity on him  [Ex 2:6].  The children of Israel are seen and heard crying out by God, who comes down to deliver them [Ex 3:7-8].
  • Moses is rescued from water among reeds (as a baby in a basket in the river) [Ex 2:5-6].  The children of Israel are rescued through water (‘Sea of Reeds’/’Red Sea’)[Ex 14].
  • Having been rescued, Moses is nursed [Ex 2:9].  Having been rescued, the children of Israel are ‘nursed’ with manna [Ex 16].
  • Pharaoh’s daughter took Moses as her son and named him [Ex 2:10].  God took the children of Israel as his children and chosen people.  (Though technically this was already the case).

What do you think?  Am I making too much out of it?  …making something out of nothing?  Have you heard of any such comparisons?




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