My Favorite Things This Week

24 11 2009

I have come across several things this week that I feel are worth sharing.

  1. My friend Tyler Charles has written a wonderful article (“This Is Not a Football Story“) about Stefanie and Chris Spielman.  It is a great article, but an even better story (even if a bit bittersweet).  I found myself getting teary-eyed as I read it.  As far as I’m concerned, it is a must read.
  2. Another friend pointed me to this Christian Seasons Calendar.  It is interesting because, rather than organizing the year by months, it organizes the year by Christian seasons (e.g., Advent, Christmas, Epiphany, etc.).  It also contains some high quality contemporary art.

    Still Life with Open Bible and Zola Novel

  3. Came across Vincent van Gogh‘s painting, “Still Life with Open Bible and Zola Novel.”  The novel in the painting is by French writer Emile Zola, and is titled “La Joie de vivre” (The Joy of Living).  I appreciate the painting because I believe it declares that truth can be found everywhere, not only in the Bible.  …or at least that the reading and writing of literature, the creating and appreciating of art, the acting and spectating of drama, (and so on) can enhance and inform the truth found in the Bible.



2 responses

25 11 2009


Thanks for all the compliments, and for linking to my article. (Also thanks for letting me know that Donald Miller tweeted about my article. Late last night he sent me a Direct Message about the article, which was pretty sweet for me.)

Have a great Thanksgiving.


26 11 2009


It’s a pleasure to compliment and link to the article. Thanks for writing it. I wouldn’t have known about the story otherwise. (And that’s pretty sweet about Donald Miller sending a Direct Message!).

Have a good Thanks.

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