Catching Up

14 06 2010

Blogging has (obviously) become less of a priority lately. As the quarter drew near the end I became inundated with papers and exams. But the end of the quarter has come and gone… exams were taken and final papers were completed (hopefully well enough to earn high marks).

I’m sitting here in a coffee shop now, wondering how to spend the week. I fly out to Pasadena on Saturday, and will spend a couple of weeks there taking a class on “The First Urban Churches.” I could begin my reading for that class, or for my “Christian Spirituality” class (an independent learning class)… though I don’t yet have my books. (And I’m quite looking forward to a week off from classwork).

I’m looking forward to have a week with nothing of real importance to do… though I don’t want to waste the week. I’ve got some reading I’d like to do while I have the chance – it’d be nice to knock off at least one of the dozens of books that I have. I’m also hoping to complete a fun little project (creating a backlit picture/window) and to have my “new” car looked over.

Recently I’ve realized more and more that I am ready to be finished with school. I love learning and I love my classes, but I’m ready to be done. I think it mostly has to do with feeling like I’m contributing nothing to my world… as if I’m not doing anything with my life. I’m ready to be finished and to get on with things. …though I’m not sure what, exactly, I will be getting on with. I am still hoping/planning on working in the Church in some way… but in what way, I don’t know. I wish I did know, so that I could begin preparing myself in more specific ways.

There is a little town in southern Illinois that has been on my mind for the last several months – ever since passing through there on a road trip with Katie. It is a town that has experienced some pretty bad racial and economic conflicts… a town that almost feels like a ghost town. A place that has died… or is, at least, dying. But it also seems like a place just waiting to experience resurrection. …and perhaps already is. I’ve got a feeling that God is doing something there… and I’d really like to be a part of it. Time will tell…

Like I said, I’m heading to Pasadena for a couple of weeks on Saturday. Then I’ll be heading back to Indiana (woohoo!) toward the end of July. I’m looking forward to seeing my family (and perhaps a few friends too). I’m also excited about some folks who will be visiting me later in the summer.

Anyway, not a terribly exciting post. Just thought I’d give a brief – and random – update. I’m making no promises about posting more often – though I’d like to.

Grace and Peace, friends.




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