My Summer

1 10 2010

It has, once again, been a long time since I last blogged. It was a busy, but good, summer – and now things are starting to “slow down” (though indeed that doesn’t mean I have nothing to do) and I am learning to once again organize my time a little better. I am going to attempt to blog once a week, though I will make no promises! (I already have several ideas of what to blog about, so that’s a start). For now, let me give a brief recap of my summer…

At the end of June and the beginning of July I was in Pasadena for my class “The First Urban Churches.” It was an absolutely amazing class and I was reminded what diversity looks like (there were students from 5 continents… none from Europe or Antarctica). For my class I wrote a paper on the key personal, relational, and structural aspects of building community as found in the Pauline writings. If you’d like to read that paper, you can find it here.

A few days after returning from Pasadena I hiked Pike’s Peak with my friend Marcus. This was the first time I have ever hiked a ’14er’ (that is, a mountain that reaches above 14,000 feet). We took two days to hike the 12.6 miles and climb the 7300 ft elevation gain of the Barr Trail, spending the night at the Barr Camp. It was a great hike and a great feeling of accomplishment for both of us.

At the end of July I traveled back home to Indiana and spent a week and a half with my family, while also briefly seeing some friends. I was able to do a lot of fun stuff with my family, including a trip to the Indiana Dunes (where I got a stamp in my National Parks Passport). …I also nearly burned my feet off. There’s something about sand that has been exposed to extreme heat for several hours that isn’t good for bare feet. Odd.

At the beginning of August I went on a camping trip with several friends… many of which were Katie’s neighbors at the trailer park. The kids are amazing and we all had a great time, including playing in some fairly frigid water.

In the middle of August my friends Cooper and Matt came for a visit. We spent a few days camping in and hiking around Rocky Mountain National Park. The views were great and the company was even better – they’re a couple of my favorite people.

At the end of August Katie and I took a trip to the Great Sand Dunes (where I got another stamp in my National Parks Passport). I’ve never seen so much sand! …and it’s basically in the middle of nowhere (no lake or anything). Climbing up hills is definitely more of a workout when the hill is made of sand, but coming down sure is fun!

Then at the beginning of September my brother, Bob, came for a visit. We spent a week doing all sorts of fun stuff around Colorado – baseball games (unfortunately the Reds lost to the Rockies), disc golf, hiking, and camping. It was a really good week – I don’t get to see my brother nearly enough.

I spent the week after Bob left writing papers. …too many papers. You see, it was the end of the quarter and I had 4 major papers and 2 minor papers to write. Thankfully I was able to crank them out in time. The following weekend I went camping with some friends and we hiked 3.9 14ers (one was closed about 100 yards from the top because it is private property).

And so, it was a good, but busy, summer.




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