I Dream of a Church (#1)

8 02 2011

A number of years ago I began to grow frustrated with the American church as I knew it. At about the same time, I began to dream about what it might look like to start a new church. I purchased a cheap little black notebook and began scribbling down thoughts, ideas, frustrations and questions I had about church. On the inside of the front cover I wrote: “I dream of a church where…” I have now come to refer to this as my “I Dream of a Church” book – a book filled with ideas. Some are good, some bad, and some ridiculous. Some have come from books I’ve read, some from churches I’ve been a part of, and some from communities I’ve heard of. Some are practical and others are not. Some are big picture and others are small.

I’d like to start sharing some of these thoughts and ideas now. I’ll try to put something up a couple of times each week (though no promises). Oh… by the way, I’m not claiming that any of these ideas are earth-shattering… it’s quite possible that you have had these thoughts and ideas yourself, or have at least heard others talk about them. So, here we go…

#1. I dream of a church where…

Everyone is connected (every person is connected with multiple other people).

This was the first thing I wrote in my notebook, simply because relationships and connectedness are so important to Christianity. As individuals, we need others to share life’s ups and downs, struggles and triumphs, joys and sorrows. We need others to correct us when we’re wrong, challenge us when we’re too set in our ways, and forgive us when we confess. Life simply cannot be lived alone. We are relational beings created in the image of a relational God.




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