I Dream of a Church (#2)

10 02 2011

I recently decided to start a series of blog entries based on a little black notebook that I keep… my “I Dream of a Church” book. This is the second entry in that series. As I said in the first entry, don’t expect anything ground-breaking or terribly insightful from these ideas/thoughts (especially these early ones). If you have any questions, comments, or thoughts, please share them. Without further ado, here is number two.

#2. I dream of a church where…

Every person serves in some tangible, consistent way.

It is not enough, I believe, for a person to attend worship services and to give financially (both of which are important)… but every person ought to be involved in some sort of ministry. This could be any range of things – from serving in some form on Sunday mornings (e.g., ushering, audio/visual, teaching a Sunday school class, music, etc.)… to serving at a soup kitchen or a food pantry… to reading to children or visiting with the elderly… to a team that helps with home repairs for those that need help… to volunteering at a non-profit coffee shop… to…

It doesn’t need to be a ministry that the church has created… perhaps it is something that the individual sees as a need in his own neighborhood/community… but I believe that it should be, in some way, connected with the church. Not because the church validates the ministry, but because there can be a real power when the church is involved (through prayer, volunteers, financial support, encouragement, etc.).

Finally, it isn’t that we serve and do “good works” in order to earn salvation or anything like that… but rather because it is who we are created to be (e.g., Ephesians 2:10). And again, Jesus tells his disciples that they are the salt of the earth – but that if the salt has lost its saltiness, it isn’t good for anything; it may as well be thrown out and trampled… (Matt 5:13-16). In the same way, a disciple who isn’t doing good deeds is fairly useless.




One response

18 02 2011
Katie Clendenning

Hey Tim!
Its been awhile, but your link to this popped up on my newsfeed on FB. I think this idea is HUGE for a church to grow in depth, not just in size. I heard a story once (although it may just be urban legend ha) about a pastor who got up to preach and told his congregation that if they weren’t serving somewhere within their church & weren’t willing to start, they should start looking for another church. He explained that it wasn’t that he was judging people or wanting these church-goers to work their way to heaven, but that he wanted the Body of Christ to be active and if they weren’t serving- they weren’t active… I’ve often wished the pastor at my current church would preach the same message!

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