I Dream of a Church (#3)

12 02 2011

I recently started a series of entries on my blog titled “I Dream of a Church.” These are a collection of thoughts, ideas, and questions from the last several years about what a church might look like. I don’t claim for any of these to be original, ground-breaking, or otherwise amazing. You can find other entries in this series by clicking here.

#3. I dream of a church where…

We have classes (on Sundays, but also at other times) for adults where they not only interact, but actually learn. For example: a school of theology, a school of missions, a school of art and creativity.

If I am honest, there is something about the phrase ‘Sunday school’ that makes me cringe a bit. (The phrase ‘Bible study’ regularly has the same effect). This is not because there isn’t value in Sunday school (there is!)… it’s just that I associate the term with an hour or so of boredom and pulling teeth. For others, the term likely is full of life and beauty. So, for me, to say that I dream of a church that has such classes is a fairly big step… and it’s why I include the bit about adults actually learning (…and engaging, being drawn in, not believing how fast the time goes, being changed by, etc).

Perhaps as a result of my apparent love of school (too many years in school), I also dream of a church that has some sort of schedule/plan of study that folks can work through. That is, that there are some basic prerequisites that you have to take before you can take other classes. …an Old Testament 101, a New Testament 101, some Church History, etc. …and that there are then other, more advanced types of classes.

Thoughts? Where have you seen this done well?




2 responses

14 02 2011
Phil S.

Hey! Looks who’s back to blogging.
Your first 2 are definitely no-brainers and the important part of a foundation for a church.

I like this one because it instills a path/vision that everyone starts out on and goes through. It helps clarify to EVERYONE what your church is about through how you teach OT101, NT101, and any other classes (a “insert church name 101” is helpful in clarifying what the church is, its ministries, and your expectations as a faithful member.

Random studies can be good (Which is what a lot of Sunday school and small groups do) but they could be great if everything tied in together through the messages, teachings, and classes. There is often to much gray area of assumptions (right and wrong) and we need more intentionality.

I like what you got so far…though I’d probably fail “art” class:) Now, creativity – well I can do that.

14 02 2011

Hey Phil,

Thanks for your comment. You articulate some of the things I was thinking quite well (e.g., “insert church name 101”)… even though I didn’t say them. I also appreciate the thought of everything being tied together (messages, teachings, classes, etc.). Thanks!

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