“What Difference Do it Make?” By Ron Hall, Denver Moore, & Lynn Vincent

14 02 2011

I received the book What Difference Do it Make? for free over a year ago from BookSneeze as part of their program. The book first sat on my desk for a while… then on my shelf… and then finally in a box as I moved twice. The other day I decided to finally pick it up. I began reading and found that I couldn’t put it down. …the 200 pages went by quickly and easily.  The book I’d had for over a year I read in a single day. That’s my way of saying that I highly recommend this book.

In What Difference Do it Make? the authors recount the stories of their unlikely friendship, which began when Ron started volunteering at the Union Gospel Mission, where Denver (who was homeless) spent much of his time. It follows their effort to write a book together about the love and compassion of Ron’s wife, who first drug Ron to the Mission. That book, Same Kind of Different as Me, preceded and set in motion the need for this one. What Difference tells the stories of those inspired by the first story… those inspired and challenged to live more-meaningful lives.

What Difference Do it Make? is written in such a way to make reading it fun and compelling. We move from a chapter written by Ron to one written by Denver in his broken English. In between are stories about actual people who were inspired by Same Kind to change lives and systems.

I posted this review as a member of the BookSneeze program.




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