I Dream of a Church (#5)

18 02 2011

I recently started a series of entries on my blog titled “I Dream of a Church.” These are a collection of thoughts, ideas, and questions from the last several years about what a church might look like. I don’t claim for any of these to be original, ground-breaking, or otherwise amazing. You can find other entries in this series by clicking here.

#5. I dream of a church where…

We have frequent cookouts and picnics for the surrounding neighborhoods.

While the first four entries of this series are fairly common amongst many churches, this one is a bit more uncommon. Why have frequent cookouts and picnics for the surrounding neighborhoods? …is it an evangelistic tactic? …is it a way to draw people to us so that they might become interested in the church? While that may happen, no, that’s not the point.

If the point is merely to build relationships in order to get people to come to our church, then aren’t we being manipulative with our use of relationships? Aren’t we using relationships merely as a tool?

What if the point is simply to build relationships, with no strings attached? Not only relationships between the church/church members and non-church members, but also between non-church members and other non-church members. What if there is absolutely nothing in it for the church? What if not a single non-church member ever sets foot in the church as a result?




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