In the Waiting

8 01 2012

Is it March yet?

Over the last several months Katie has been working on applying to schools for PhD work. First there was the studying for the GRE… and then the taking of it. Next was the reading, researching, and writing for her independent study (and what would become her writing sample for a field in which she has little academic experience). Then there was the filling out of applications, the ordering and sending of transcripts, and the acquiring of recommendations. And now… now we’re in the waiting.

She has applied to ten schools… none of which is within 1,000 miles. So, assuming she is accepted by at least one school (which seems like a fair assumption), we will be moving this summer. Which means finding a new job… and new friends… and new community… and a new church… and…

There is so much to do, but for now we have to wait. Wait to see where we’ll be. Will we be in Wisconsin? Michigan? Illinois? New York? Pennsylvania? North Carolina? Kentucky? Tennessee?

Schools should start responding sometime in March.

… is it March yet?




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