Lessons from… Pawn Stars?

24 09 2012

I’ve been watching a lot of the Histroy Channel lately (the place Katie and I are currently staying has cable – something we’re not used to). The History Channel seems to run shows in marathons… one episode of a certain show will be followed by another episode, and another, and another. Shows like American Pickers, Top Gear, and Pawn Stars.

The other day I was watching Pawn Stars. A woman brought a Faberge spider brooch into the store, hoping the sell it. It was a hand-me-down, which she didn’t know a whole lot about. When asked what she wanted to sell it for, she said $2000. The owner’s response?

‘I’m not going to give you two thousand for it. Unfortunately I have a conscience. I’ll give you fifteen thousand.’

The woman wanted $2000 for the item. The pawn shop owner offered her $15,000.

Which begs the question, if this wasn’t being filmed, would he have still offered $15,000…. or would he have taken the $2,000 steal? Did the presence of the cameras affect him? Did exposure to the public eye make a difference?

Would it for us? What if all of our actions were open to the public – would it make a difference in how we live?




2 responses

24 09 2012
Wendy Torkelson

Isn’t the bigger question, “Why would someone want to pay for something that reminds them of a horrific bug?”

24 09 2012
Jeremiah Johnson

Wow~ That is a pretty amazing moment to catch on camera. I am sure that the pressure of the public eye had something to do with things. The idealist in me would like to think that the store owner would have done the honest thing no matter what – that humans are instilled with a basic moral compass. The realist in me knows that there are people who when given the opportunity will do whatever benefits themselves. This is especially true when no one is looking or needs to know. Remember, those who do evil love darkness.

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