Kentucky to Colorado

13 04 2016

We’ve been back in Colorado for almost a month now.

In many ways it doesn’t seem like it has been that long. It feels like it was only a few days ago that we loaded up our moving truck and headed across the country. I can still picture Harrodsburg Christian Church as if we were there this past Sunday. I feel as if I could walk down the street to get some ice cream at the Fudge Company… or make a quick trip to El Charro to grab some fajitas. I’m anxious for the weather to warm up so we can hop on our bikes and ride the rolling hills of Kentucky. (…only we don’t live in Kentucky anymore).

I’ll miss those rolling hills… and I’ll miss ice cream from the Fudge Company… and fajitas from El Charro. But mostly I’ll miss the people of Harrodsburg Christian Church. I am so thankful for the blessing they were to Katie and I for two years. They became our family. They supported and encouraged us when we most needed it. They accepted us just as we were.  …heck, they even let us preach together a couple of times!!!

We’ve been back in Colorado for almost a month now.

In many ways it seems like it has been much longer. This place is so much home for us it almost feels like we’ve not been gone. In the four weeks that we’ve been back we’ve had dinner at friends’ houses at least six times. We’ve already had friends over to our house multiple times too. We’ve been hiking in a few of our favorite spots, explored the bike path that runs by our house, and revisited some of our favorite restaurants and coffee shops.

It’s good to be home.

We’ve been back in Colorado for almost a month now. In that month I’ve been busy learning and growing into my new job… my new role… my new ministry. More about that next time.




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14 04 2016

It is good to hear your calm soothing words, Tim.
Andora Trower went to heaven last Friday at the age of 92. Her funeral was a celebration of her life with selfish wishes by many of us that we could have keep her longer.

Please remember my sister, Judy Burks, in your prayers. She is ill with lung and now liver problems.

In Christ,

15 04 2016

Hi Adele. Thanks for the comment! It’s good to hear from someone in Kentucky! That’s sad (but, also joyful) news about Andora. She was a wonderful woman!

I’ll be praying for your sister. Please tell everyone we say hello!

16 05 2016
Here’s the Deal: I Need Your Help | My Verse

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