Connecting the Dots

7 05 2016

The next class of DGL students is currently filling out applications, obtaining references, and – hopefully – getting two, non-pixelated, up close pictures. (I can almost guarantee there will be more than one picture that looks like a mugshot – facing straight toward the camera, no smile, and a white background). Students from all over the world will be submitting applications.

The good news for those submitting applications (though they may or may not know it) is that they’re almost guaranteed a spot. That’s because they’re only asked to submit an application once local and country leaders have recommended them, Young Life executives have fought for them, and they’ve been awarded one of the available spots. I say that the executives fight for them, because there are only 100 spots available with each class… and they’ve seen the difference past and current DGL students have made in their communities and countries… so they want as many spots as possible.

Once all of the applications are in and everyone has been officially approved for the program, we’ll begin seeking funding for the new class (each student needs $275/month for four years). Each student will have a blog on the DGL website – and every other month they’ll be asked to answer a few questions about themselves and their experiences. Sponsors of students (whether they donate $5 or $275/month) then receive email updates so they can follow their DGL student… and they can leave comments and communicate with them.

Once the student begins the program they’ll be working with their area director, mentor, trainer… and, of course, the youth of their community.

There are so many people involved in the process of a student entering the DGL program – from country leaders and Young Life executives to donors and kids. My job (and that of the amazing folks I work with) is to help connect the dots. (To make sure the right people – whether DGL student, YL exec., country leader, or donor – get the right information… so that kids all over the world get to hear about Jesus and God’s redemptive love for them.  …from people in and from their own country.

Next time: In order to make sure a vast majority of a donor’s gift actually goes toward their student, I also fundraise part of my salary. If you’d like to help connect the dots, you can do so here. (Or wait until my next update).

As always, I’d love to hear any feedback or questions – either here, on Facebook, via email or phone, or in person!




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16 05 2016
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