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Hello, and welcome to my blog/website.  My name is Tim, but chances are if you’re here you already know that.  If not, I’m glad to have your visit, and I hope you find something useful, encouraging, or challenging here.  I’d also like to invite you to leave a comment somewhere… either on this page or a blog post.  Tell me a little bit about yourself (I enjoy stories) or just say hello.

I’m currently the Developing Global Leaders administrator at Young Life in Colorado Springs, CO. Every day I am realizing how blessed I am to be a part of this program (and organization). My wife, Katie, and I returned to Colorado after three and a half years in Kentucky where we got to know some amazing people – particularly at Harrodsburg Christian Church. Before that we were in Colorado Springs… I was a student at Fuller Theological Seminary (I graduated with an MDiv in 2015), which is where I met Katie. I moved to Colorado from California… and I moved to California from New York, where I was a youth pastor for two years at Rush United Methodist Church in Rush, NY.

I’m constantly amazed by God’s love and grace.  …and I’m learning to see that love and grace in the world more and more.  …and I’m learning what my response ought to be to that love and grace.  I’m trying to see the world differently; as God might see it.  I’m trying to live my life differently; as God might want me to.  I’m trying… but sometimes I fail; but I keep trying.  As Rabbi Hillel supposedly said, “I get up. I walk. I fall down. Meanwhile I keep dancing.”

My dream is to someday help start a church.  When it comes to the church I’m a recovering a cynic.  I’m quick to notice what is wrong with a church (which is easy to do).  …but I’m learning more and more to see the beauty in churches, and what they are doing well.  I believe there is nothing more beautiful than a church really being who she is meant to be.  The thought of starting a church both scares and excites me.  I’m not nearly adequate enough for such an undertaking.  …but I believe it is a dream from God.  …and that’s enough.


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8 03 2011
Susan Frindt

Tim, I’m enjoying reading about your “dream church”. I’ve especially enjoyed the offering #9–home church–and #7–creativity.
I need to point out, however, that in #7, you’re mixing up your “there”‘s.
Their (which you used) is a pronoun (the possessive of they).
There (which should have been used) is an adverb; 1) in, at, or to that place, 2) at that point in time, action, etc. 3) in that respect; in those circumstances.
We won’t even go to “They’re” 🙂
Sorry, this is just a peeve of mine–not even a pet one– and since you’re writing for the “public” I thought you’d like to know.
Sorry, this is just a

8 03 2011

Thanks Sue! …not sure how I missed the two erroneous insertions of “their” instead of “there” – as this is a pet peeve of mine! Hah! (I guess that’s what happens when you write in a hurry and don’t proofread). Let me know if you see other typos or grammatical errors. Thanks!

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